Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Heirloom Makeover

When my Great Aunt Helen died several years ago I became the lucky recipient of this wonderful dining set. A shout out to my sweet sister Dana, for hauling it all the way back from San Diego for me! The set originally belonged to my Great Grandparents. I believe the Duncan Phyfe dining set was standard issue for all post-war middle class families. I enjoyed the set for years but lately it has felt just too dark for my current tastes. The chairs, after years of abuse from my teenagers, had become somewhat rickety. I love this set but I felt it needed a little updating.

I scored a set of contemporary chairs at the thrifts for a reasonable $8 a piece. The chairs are very heavy and sturdy but they needed to be updated. The size of these chairs is more suited to todays "larger" lifestyles. As for the original chairs I now use them in my craft room.

I selected a soft floral fabric, from my stash, for the seats. I also painted the wood a nice shade of cream.

Check out my (lack of) upholstery skills! Just a few wrinkles never hurt anyone!

I decided to paint the table white just because I always tell my customers they can mix white and cream.

Some folks would not be okay with altering a family heirloom. I think that it's more important to live with and enjoy family pieces. Where do you weigh in on the issue?

Love, Kelly

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