Monday, April 18, 2011

Sometimes I Get Lucky...

Last weekend, about a block from my house was the most awesome yard sale. I spent most of the weekend there. The guy just kept hauling stuff out to the sidewalk and I just kept buying it. I filled up my van three times! These items are now available in the shop. Call or e-mail for prices.

On a serious note, while chatting with the man selling items, I learned the owner of the house (a friend of his) had been evicted because he had been behind on the mortgage. He mentioned the poor fellow had some emotional problems and was a hoarder who had trouble keeping steady employment. It was a very sad story and I hope that he will pull through.

Hoarding is a serious emotional malady. As someone who frequents Estate Sales I have been a witness to some very disturbing situations. There is professional help available for hoarders.

So my gleefulness at finding such treasures is tinged with some sadness for this individual. Hopefully the proceeds from the sale will help him get back on his feet.

Love, Kelly


  1. Very wise words Kelly,
    it is a shame that some folks just get so caught up in their stuff. Sometimes it's all they have. I feel bad when folks are down on their luck. I pray for this fellow to find some peace and happiness in his life.

  2. THAT is an awesome yard sale. And yes, so sad that it was a result of hoarding. I hit one of those last year and the hoarder himself was there. It was so painful.