Saturday, August 28, 2010

Estate Sale 101

Weekends are a busy time for us at Second Hand Chic. It's when we go out searching for merchandise for our shop. Estate Sales are a great source for finding antiques and vintage items. Estate Sales are open to the public and are usually listed in the newspaper classified section. They differ from a garage or yard sale in that the entire contents of the home is for sale. A-1 Estate Services usually holds several sales throughout the year. Their prices are very reasonable and on the last day of the sale all merchandies is half off.

It's a good idea to arrive early and bring your own box like this smart shopper.

This home belonged to an elderly woman so there were lots of beautiful antiques, china, linens, pretty paintings, gilded mirrors and some fabulous religous icons.

This lovely chair sold for only $75!

This china cabinet was originally listed at $450 so on half off day it would have been a steal at $225.

I found this wonderful sofa in the basement for only $100. Sadly we couldn't get it out the basement door so I had to leave it behind.

I always run into my friend Michael shopping for his business Now & Again here in Salt Lake City. He's always willing to mug for the camera. "I've got to finish my ironing before my diet pills wear off!"

Emily loves to buy vintage clothing at estate sales. But remember to try items on before buying as all sales are final.

Poopsie has a knack for finding "mantiques".

Patrick of A-1 Estate Services is on hand to add up your purchases with his usual speed and efficiency.
But the ultimate score of this event was not in the house. As I was rooting through the garage I noticed the adjacent property had some old farm buildings that were being demolished. Of course I mosied over there, since I can't resist an old decrepit farm building. After chatting with the owners of the property I learned the old building was used as a chicken coop at one time.
They let me go in and take a look and I found this fabu old metal locker. I offered to buy it from them but they said, "Oh that old can just have it".

Fun day at the estate sale!
Love, Kelly


  1. that locker is to die for!!!! I love your pictures!!! Annie from brigham

  2. What a fun day and fab finds! You score for getting that Old Locker!

  3. Kelly: Love the locker!!! Score for sure. :o)

  4. ALMOST bought those plates lol! That sale was fantastic! I ran away with so many wonderful goodies!! I'll have to come in and tell you about the love seat I ALMOST was able to purchase....I wish!

  5. I'm with you on checking out the old decrepit houses. And why, oh why, is that Emily so cute?