Monday, August 23, 2010

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Inspired by Sue of the fabulous blog, "Vintage Rescue Squad", I've decided to devote this post to all things manly. Since Poopsie often accompanies me to estate sales I usually buy him a little something to reward him for all the heavy lifting he does. He usually makes a b-line to the shed or basement in search of that unique treasure with a distinctly masculine flair.

Here is just a sampling of some of the "mantiques" Poopsie has collected over the years.....

Since he's a welder by trade this informative pamphlet caught his eye.
There is a definite Western theme evident in Poopsie's finds.
Here's a personal favorite. A 1950 auto dealership calender with this too adorable cowgirl and her horse. He found this one stashed in a scary spider-infested basement closet that I was not brave enough to dig through. Great find, Poopsie!
More Western memorabilia...
Remember the old Avon bottles? If you're lucky, they still have the cologne inside so you can smell like a man.
Quite often men are drawn to items they may have had as a child, when life was simple and uncomplicated. Like these tiny totem poles, little metal cars or a beloved collection of marbles.
But the ultimate in manly collectables would have to be the "girly" magazines....always a favorite with the dudes. These are normally found out back in the the shed or garage (man cave). And all these years you thought that grandpa was out there working on the Buick. TeeHee.

Love, Kelly


  1. Morning Kelly....!

    I LOVE the term 'mantiques'....Makes me smile every time I read it....!

    I think if you, Poopsie & I went to a garage sale together there may be some arm wrestling needed to determine who would get the Treasure though....And I'm pretty STRONG let me tell you....hahahahaha....!!

    LOVE the marbles, torch, anvil & western themed items....Not so into the girly mag though....hahahahaha....No need to wrestle for that one....!!

    Hope your Monday was the start to a GREAT week....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. Thanks for the shoutout, and good mantiques! Poopsie has an eye! XOX

  3. Poopsie has got the great mantique collection going on. I love the anvil and the girl mag especially. Thanks for the post!

  4. LOL we have so many "mantiques" we had to start a room in their honor - we call it Salvage Heaven!

  5. You know I love Poopie's mantiques. He's got some great stuff displayed in his man room, plus John is a great guy.