Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Outdoor Antique Market

Today I went downtown to check out the Sunday Outdoor Antique Market at Capital City Antiques Mall. There was lots of eye candy for the feasting. Here's a sampling:

And speaking of Cowboys and Indians...
I ran into my favorite gay caballero. Michael Saunders, owner of Now & Again, a fabulous consignment shop in Salt Lake City. Michael loves the camera and the camera loves him.

Here's Monica Zoltanski, owner of Capital City Antiques Mall. Be sure to check out her Facebook page. And don't forget...Sunday, September 12 is the final Outdoor Market.


  1. nice stuff and cute dog--you know how I love dogs...Annie from brigham

  2. Ooh Kelly I'm SMITTEN with that camera.... :o) ! And the little pooch reminds me of the one in the Jack Nicholson movie 'As good as it gets'....!!

    Cheers from the 'pesky real job'(bleccckkkkk),
    Tamarah :o)

  3. Do you have the Holy Communion Art? You know my kids go to Catholic School, and they should have that up in their room.