Sunday, September 5, 2010

Garden of Eatin'

Just wanted to share the latest glamour shots of our garden and chicken coop. Since this was our first attempt at gardening and raising chickens, we are still in the learning curve. It's been such a fun (and educational) experience. We planted these sunflowers to provide shade for the ladies while they are out in their little yard during the day. The summer sun can be brutal here in Utah. Every morning after we open up the coop they come charging out into the yard squawking up a storm, demanding their breakfast.
Here's little Easter Bunny, my new favorite chicken since Golden Sunshine turned out to be a rooster and we had to send him to live on a farm since roosters are not allowed in the city limits.

We are up to 4 eggs a day so far....
The vegetable garden combined with the chickens makes the perfect little backyard eco-system. The chickens willingly eat any veggies that have gone bad so there is no waste. They really love the buggy ones!
Hope these pumpkins will be ready for Halloween.
I think it's important to decorate the garden with vintage bits.
These beans never really took off but the vines sure look cute growing over this old bed frame.
Nice melons. Tee Hee.

Next Spring all that lovely chicken manure composting over the winter months will be black gold in the garden beds!
Thanks, girls for the lovely eggs (and poop)!
But the best part......the food!

Love, Kelly


  1. Kelly,
    Gorgeous garden veggies, eggs and chickens!

  2. Gorgeous urban farm, Kelly! Chickens are so sweet and the sunflower garden is perfect for the shade and then to feed the birds all that vitamin E rich seed before winter! Eco-quality farmette!

  3. what a little farm you have Annie from brigham