Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Say No

When Poopsie and I bought our house six years ago we decided to landscape with drought tolerant plants. Cat Mint is the perfect plant for the dry climate here in Utah. Not only does it need very little water but it is impervious to neglect and attracts tons of bees to the yard. But this plant has another benefit....

As you can see, cats love it. In fact Miss Galore spends hours rolling around in it. She's shameless, really.
Maybe Miss Galore needs a Twelve Step Program.
Cats are such hedonistic creatures. She doesn't even mind the bees buzzing around her. One of these days she'll get stung but I don't think she'll even care.
They call it "Cat Mint" but I think they should rename it "Kitty Marijuana".

Love, Kelly

1 comment:

  1. lol. Rolling around in catmint beats the heck out of rolling around in a lot of other things I can think of. What a funny kitty. ;o) ~Toni