Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Round Top Round Up...Round Two

Here is the second batch of Round Top photos. There was just so much eye candy everywhere that it was hard for me to put down the camera and focus on my shopping. I finally had to have Poopsie put the camera back in the car! The vendors were all so friendly and did not mind my crazy picture snapping. I have been to shows before where a few grumpy dealers won't let you take photos.

Anyhow, day two of our shopping experience was much more pleasant because the temps finally cooled down. Day one was pretty brutal; so hot and sticky! And like they say, "It's not the heat it's the humility!" TeeHee.

I almost bought this iron doorstop but received a gentle reminder from Poopsie that I need to stop buying heavy items because I had to ship it all back to Utah. Since I had already purchased a concrete dog, 5 bowling pins and 2 iron mermaids I guess he had a point. Despite all that heavy stuff my three big boxes only cost me $80 to ship parcel post so I did okay!

Here we are at The Depot which is about a mile up the road from Warrenton. There were some great bargains to be had here.
Poopsie is quite fetching with his warrior accessories, don't you think?

The lady with this booth was quite a character. She had hundreds of doll parts strewn about her stall. She invited us to come back after dark when she lights up all her doll heads. Eeek!

Tamarah of Shabby Vintage Junk. She was on the lookout for interesting bits and bobs for jewelry making. Poopsie and I enjoyed her fabulous Aussie accent and learned some great new words like "portaloo" and "knackered".

Since Poopsie's profession is doors he took a special interest in this item.

There were tons of great old signs like this one but they were all very expensive.
Love the paint by number!
These tiny penny dolls were sweet but they no longer sell for a penny. They were priced at $50 each!
This cute lady had hundreds of beautiful cowboy boots.

Hopefully you are not weary of Round Top pictures yet because there will be more tomorrow!


  1. Morning Kelly.... :o) !!

    Your pics made me smile out LOUD taking me right back to the fields faster than you can say 'portaloo'....hahahahaha....!

    Seriously though Lovey I can't believe HOW many pics you took....I was there for a week & didn't take that many....hahahaha....!!

    The last of my parcels arrived a while ago....WOOHOO....I'm not going to open them just yet though as I'm trying to catch up with all the posts I missed while I was away....!!

    Tell Poopsie I think he makes a COOL Warrior....!!!

    Cheer from here,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. Isn't Tamarah a hoot, I picked up a few words too ;) I particularly love Knackered, and Cheeky Bugger, although with the Oz accent it's more like Cheeky Bugga.
    Love the pics, wish I could have made it out but I'll see it all in the Spring.