Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Naming Your Chickens

Thanks to Heidi of Birds of a Feather for hosting today's Tour de Coop. She's invited all coop owners and wannabe coop owners to take a peek at some fun chicken coops in the land of blog. Since I've been raving about my chickens for several months now, please indulge me while I rave some more...

One important aspect of owning a flock of hens is giving them proper names. Like naming your children, the naming of a chicken must be done with care. I met some chicken keepers this Spring who named their flock after Jane Austin characters and another who named them after dead relatives. I decided to go with matching their names to their breed (with some expections). This way, it's easier for Poopsie to remember their names since he obviously is not as into these birds as I am.

The two Buff Orpingtons are Buffy and Oprah. We have two Rhode Island Reds; Rhoda and Ilene. The four Barnevelders are Bernadette, Beverly, Velma and Raptor Jane (my daughter picked out the last one). And finally our little Banatam is Easter Bunny (our little five year old neighbor Lukas named her).So there you have it! Be sure to check out all the posts today at the blog party! Thanks for stopping by our coop.

Love, Kelly

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  1. Hi Kelly - I love it - your coop & your girls! I agree it is easier to follow the breed names when naming them! Your girls are beautiful, obviously so well loved, and that coop - wow! Who would have thunk there could be endless possibilities in coop design, it's just charming! Thanks so much for joining in.

    Hugs ~
    xo Heidi