Monday, September 6, 2010

Road Island Diner

This weekend Poopsie and I headed up to Oakley to check out the Road Island Diner. The diner is a rare classic Streamline Moderne diner car. It was manufactured in 1939 in Elizabeth, New Jersey and then showcased at the World's Fair of 1939 in New York City. Fast forward to 2007 when the diner was sold to the Borodemus family and then transported across the country to Oakley, Utah.

The Depression-Era diner has been beautifully restored to its original glory. Such details include a monitor-style roof, hand-laid quarry tiled floors, Tiffany glass clerestory windows and green Italian marble countertops.
Even the soda jerk is dressed in period attire.

Poopsie orders the ribs...a manly meal for a manly man.
Sadly we had no change for the juke box but it was fun to remember all those Oldies but Goodies. Too bad the jukebox doesn't take a debit card.
Our meal would not be complete without a very fattening but yummy old fashioned ice cream sundae. Mmmm.
Love, Kelly


  1. Oh Kelly and Poopsie! I am green with envy and ready to road trip it up to Oakley and sit down for a grilled cheese and what Kelly is having! Great place to go back in time!

  2. Morning Kelly....!

    What a GORGEOUS diner....I wish I could visit it while I'm over....!!

    LOVE your totally WICKED looking sundae....hahahahaha....Was Poopsie REALLY able to fit all that in though....??

    Well it's the middle of the week here & I only have 3 work days to 'endure' before I'm officially on holiday....Wish me luck....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  3. soooooo fun what a way to earn calories Annie from brigham

  4. You preferred this junk to coming to watch a middle-aged, fat KC and the Sunshine Band in Orem, sitting on a freezing grass hill???? I think they did more covers of other bands than they did of their own songs. Poor KC, I shouldn't make fun. I think he had to leave the stage a few times to use an oxygen mask. You and your birthday! Always hiding!