Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Vanity

A darling new vanity arrived today at Second Hand Chic. It's so feminine with those sexy cabriole legs and chippy paint.
Take a peek inside...there is room for all your pretties! But the best part is the price...a very reasonable $200. If you love it don't wait too long because I'm certain it will be snatched up by some lucky girl.

Love, Kelly


  1. Hi Kelly Sweetie...
    What a beautiful vanity. Isn't it amazing what we can call sexy legs? Someone took very good care of this vanity. Can't you just imagine who might have set there? Combed their hair? Put on their makeup? Took off their makeup? Maybe did their nails? If it could only talk.

    I have to tell you I also read through a couple of posts that I missed. (Sorry) Now that magician poster is quite a deal. Ofcourse I can't even pronounce the name. What a doozy for this old country gal.

    I loved the tour of the B&B that Poopsie took you to. How peaceful and beautiful it was. Looked so elegant. Happy Late Birthday sweet friend. Sorry I am late. It appears you had a beautiful celebration though.

    Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  2. Very pretty! I have been looking something like that for my entry way - too bad I don't live closer!

  3. Hello Gorgeous....!

    I'm here in Shakopee & I can't sleep....hahahahaha....It's 3am but I'm STILL on Melbourne time which is just on 6pm Wed 15th....!

    LOVE your new dresser & HEARTILY agree....Sexy sexy S-E-X-Y legs....!

    I'll talk to you soon Lovey....!

    Cheers from the MN,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. Oh how beautiful!! There you go tempting me again! I need to take the time to come visit! Hope you are well!

    xo Molly