Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lavender Love

Don't you just love lavender?

Love, Kelly


  1. Hi Kelly:
    I love the lavender plant and its fragrance and color, fresh and dried! I notice you have violets on a little pitcher in this post, as well, and February is the violet month. It's also the amethyst month! My birthday is this month so I simply must love all things lavender and purpley. When I bought my Seattle cottage, the bedroom had been freshly painted lavender. I decided to keep it that color because it seemed as comforting as the smell of lavender flowers.

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHH SEEEEEEE Kelly, what did I tell you. There is more passion, style, love, fun and history in this post. I want it, badly! Especially the plum old purse. Please visit me and tell me where your shop is.


  3. PS Never mind, I just saw you address on your side bar. Thankkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssss.


  4. I dont just love lavender I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I take it everywhere I go. It is in vases in my home, oils in my bag. I really cannot live without it.

  5. Love your lavenders. I just recently posted lavenders too. Great minds must think alike, huh? Have a great week! ~ Angela

  6. Lavender is what I grow most in my herb garden! It is so beautiful and so aristocratic!

  7. Yes, Linda. Aristocratic AND aromatic. Two excellent characteristics of lavender.

    Which variety would you say you favor: English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Dutch Lavender (Lavandula x intermedia), Egyptian Lavender (Lavandula multifida or the Fernleaf lavender), or possibly the lesser known Spanish Lavender(Lavandula stoechas)? I'll tell you, species doesn't matter to me -- I love whichever lavender I can get my little hands on.