Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mary Jane's Farm

Have you heard about the latest trend in travel: "Agri-Tourism"? America's farmers are inviting guests to stay on their family farms for a unique rustic getaway. It allows the visitor to experience farm living first-hand. Mary Jane Butter's Bed & Breakfast in Nothern Idaho looks like the perfect getaway to me. Check out these beautiful images of her farm:

Where else can a gal relax outdoors in a pink claw foot tub after a day spent milking cows and picking vegetables?

Guests stay in these lovely "tents". It reminds me of a scene from the movie "Out of Africa". This is my style of camping.

Let's see now, Moscow, Idaho is a mere 12 hour drive from my house in Salt Lake City.....I hope Poopsie is reading this because he loves to go camping.

It looks divine doesn't it?
Love Kelly


  1. I looked into this Bed and Breakfast a year or so ago and thought it looked so serene. Tents are available May 1- Sept. 30 this year, so we better have a race to sign on! I wonder if it is cold at night, I don't know much about the weather in Moscow, but since it's Idaho and not Russia, it should be nice!

  2. This looks like an amazing place. I love the tents! And the bathtub....too cool. A little far for me but if you ever stay there you'll have to let us know all about it.

  3. wow, that sounds so fun!

    how was the lunch yesterday! I'm sure sorry I wasn't there.


  4. Still not my idea of a get a lava hot springs I may do once in awhile in Idaho.

    I live in the country on lots of acres...have for 30 something years. Had 5 dairy farms around just 2.

    I have the bathtub like that with a GIGANTIC window next to it...its almost like being outside and then I open the windows and watch the sunset... I love it that way.

    At night...we cannot keep our windows much country smell and allergies.

    With this economy...probably won't have neighbors by the its still safe to enjoy a country bath now and then.

  5. I love the pink tub! Oh how fun would that be! I'm glad that I came across your blog and excited to visit your store the next time I'm in Salt Lake!


  6. Kelly:
    I watched the video on the website and it looks like heaven! The crops are perfect and the surrounding countryside is gorgeous. I think I even saw wallpaper in the hen house!
    Thanks, this looks great.

  7. These photos inspire bursting into song (not so much the "desert", "storm,""drowning," or "dying" parts, but I'll include the whole song for continuity's sake)

    You fill up my senses
    Like a night in a forest
    Like the mountains in springtime
    Like a walk in the rain
    Like a storm in the desert
    Like a sleepy blue ocean
    You fill up my senses
    Come fill me again

    Come let me loooove you
    Let me give my life to you
    Let me drown in your laughter
    Let me die in your arms
    Let me lay down beside you
    Let me always be with you
    Come let me love you
    Come love me again