Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vintage Bird Feeder

Occasionally, I'll find the perfect gift for Poopsie during my junking forays. Since feeding the wild birds in our back yard is one of Poopsie's hobbies, I thought he'd love this little item.
Such a clever design, a jar that screws onto the feeding tray below.

The feeding tray is even hand painted with pretty little flowers.

The feeder is all ready for the hungry little birds. Pretty cute, yes?

Thanks for feeding the birds, Poopsie!
Love, Kelly


  1. The birds will be attracted to this stylish feeder. Keep watch though...remember Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds? They may come swarming!

  2. I always loved watching the birds in our backyard. The birds are now so much more stylish!

  3. THAT IS STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! When you're ready to sell it or you start marketing them call me! lol!

  4. It reminds me of a song, which I cannot keep myself from singing online now....
    Feeeed the birds,
    Tuppins a bag....

    OK, I'll stop.