Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rock Around the Clock

Last night Poopsie and I attended my niece, Madeleine's Sweet Sixteen Birthday Celebration. It was a Fifties themed party and was quite the stylish shin dig! The teens loved getting all dolled up in Fifties fashion. Above is my cute niece. She borrowed her mother's fur stole for the event.

There was an old fashioned photo booth and all the kids were clamouring for their turn in front of the camera.

Uh oh. Who invited the nerd?
Madeleine channels Marilyn Monroe.

The birthday cake decorated with Barbie, a true Fifties icon.

Even the food had a Fifties flair.
Remember pigs in a blanket?

There were lots of sweets....all displayed in candy shoppe style. Such a cute idea.
Deviled eggs, another Fifties favorite, before we knew about the perils of cholesterol!
Which one is James Dean and which one is Poopsie?
What a fun party! I had such a great time but my feet are killing me. How did those gals where shoes like this? Thanks for the invite. I don't get many opportunities to put on this tiara and my mother's old mink's the only thing she ever gave me, besides a complex.

Happy Birthday Madeleine!

Love, Kelly


  1. Super cute, and happy birthday Madeleine! ~ Angela

  2. Hiya Kelly....!

    Looks like a GREAT night....Tell Poopsie I don't think Jimmy D would have (had he had the opportunity) aged half so 'nicely'... :o) !!

    LOL...I think your mum may have known my mum...** wink **....!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  3. Oh, that looks like a fun celebration! I USED to wear high heels like that and could run to catch the bus in them, too. Boy, that was a LONG time ago! Maybe that's the reason my feet are so bad now. :o( LOL

  4. And I just got a complex from her, no fur!

    Say, did you notice the lack of biological mother in these photos? I was forbidden to wear the wig I had intended to wear (oh, it was beautiful), so I had to go back to shower, shampoo, and set. I got there after you left. How can I get your photos to post on my fb?

    Thanks for coming and representing. And for the photos.

    PS Gemina did a lovely job with her attention to detail (donut topiary for example) and had a most amazing hairstyle! The Wirthlin family all pitched in to set up.

  5. PS shout out to Em's Restaurant on Center Street (up on Capitol Hill) for the catered treats.