Sunday, February 7, 2010

Silver Sunday: Mysterious Pin Cushion

I can't believe this is the last week of the Silver Sunday Blog party! Thanks to Beth at Gypsy Fish Journal for being such a fabulous hostess. For my last post of the party I thought I'd feature an unusual item I found recently while thrifting. It seems to be some some sort of pin cushion but I can't be certain. I wonder if someone took apart an old silver serving dish and transformed it into what it is today. So take a look and let me know what you think.

Any ideas? In any case, be sure to check out the other posts at the party. You can click on the Silver Sunday button on my sidebar to link up to Beth's blog. Thanks again to Beth and to all the other participants in the SS party. I've enjoyed seeing all your treasures. Don't you love sharing?
Love, Kelly


  1. Kelly, the little pin cushion is sweet, must have had a glass insert inside it at one time, no?
    Margaret B

  2. How cute, I would have picked up that pin cushion at the TS too...too cute to pass up.

    Happy SS...

  3. I would have snatched that beautiful pin cushion up! It amazes me what some people donate to the thrift stores...sure glad they do, though.

  4. I also would think that it had been a serving dish before. To me it looks like it could have had a lid. Maybe that one was missing and then someone had the idea to make a pincushion? I find it very pretty as a pincushion.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Beautiful!! I just love it.

    I have to tell you I laughed out loud when I read your comment on my H.E.L.P. post...
    me, too!! 2 biggest fears and health care is 2nd!! :)

  6. I am sure that someone made this beautiful thing from a piece of silver they no longer were using...great find!

  7. If this was re-purposed....whoever dreamed it up and created it...did a fab job! I love it!

  8. too cute !!! keep it just the way it is !!

  9. As a pincushion collector, I would have been all over this little beauty! It looks like a repurposed silver piece...and it's wonderful!

  10. That is Beautiful ~ I would think Re-purposed & So Clever.... How could anyone pass that up~
    See you again at the Monthly S.S.

  11. I think it does look like a pin cushion designed from an old piece of silver. It's really pretty - love the needlepoint and the gorgeous silver.
    Wonderful Silver Sunday post!

  12. Hello Kelly....!!!

    I've just been reading your post from the 29th January & wanted to say I LOVE your lettered window idea...!!! Would you mind terribly if I 'borrow' it as I have a heap of windows I could do that to...?!

    Hope you're having a GREAT week....!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  13. Having dabbled at needlepoint once upon another life ago, I am amazed and edified by the lovely design and needlework skill that has gone into this wildly sentimental silver pincushion. I hope its days of elegance will continue, as it would make a lovely receptacle for antique hat pins, as well as darning needles and beautiful silver pins and needles of yore.

  14. Please don't talk about pin cushions in front of me. I once had a beautiful pin cushion in the form of a lovely and fashionable lady....

  15. Hey! Wait! Why am I coming up as Western General Facilities! Help!!!!!