Monday, July 6, 2009

Art for Art's Sake

When did the decision to purchase a piece of artwork become motivated by it's possible resale value? In my opinion, the purpose of art is to provide the world with beauty and insight. Too many times, a customer comes into my shop, scrutinizes the selection of original art, closely examining the signature and then determines if the painting has any "value". I determine the value of a painting based on the fact that it speaks to me. Am I moved by this very personal revelation placed on canvas by the artist? This is a painting I bought 15 years ago at a yard sale. The artist, an art student at the U of U had just graduated and was selling off some work she had done while a student. I suppose there was something in the subject's melancholy expression that moved me. It cost me $20. It has been hanging over my sofa and providing me with joy on a daily basis ever since. When people come over, they look at the signature and suggest that we "Google" the artist to see if she has become renown because maybe it is "worth" something. To me. the painting is priceless. It's the best $20 I have ever spent.

Love, Kelly


  1. Agreed, I have always loved that painting. Any chance that the poodle painting is still around?

  2. I still have the poodle painting you gave me years ago and am still enjoying it. It reminds me of dear old Francesca.

  3. I love has a lot of depth! I have a lot of paintings I am scratching my head wondering why I purchased and yet that sweet Flower and Bee one has bumped it's way up to #2 on my list (One my Grandma did is #1) money I spent on art! I believe it has to speak to you (just like my wrinkles!)