Thursday, July 16, 2009

Paper or Plastic...? Neither!

Meet Aimee Hickey. She is the Development Director of the "Charity Anywhere Foundation", a nonprofit organization that travels the world to assist people of need in developing countries. On a recent trip to the Republic of Senegal in Africa, she met these disabled individuals who make their living sewing tote bags made from rice sacks. We are fortunate to have these wonderful bags for sale at Second Hand Chic.

The small totes are 15" x 12" and sell for $20. The large totes are 17" x 22" and sell for $30. Because the totes are so durable and waterproof, they are perfect for shopping. The unique graphics are cute, too. As you are well aware, using a reusable tote for shopping eliminates waste and is good for the environment.
For more information on Aimee's charity:
Love Kelly

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  1. Adorable bags, and for a great cause! I'm coming in to Second Hand Chic to get me a handful! Thanks.