Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Cabin in the Woods

Nestled in the Mountaire Canyon just off the I-80 sits the Tronier family cabin. John's dad purchased the cabin back in 1971 and the family has been enjoying it ever since. Every Sunday John drives up to the cabin to fill the hummingbird feeders and mow the enourmous lawn. As part of my new attempt to work less and have more leisure time I decided to join him. It's such a peaceful spot, yet only 20 minutes from the city. While sitting out on the deck all you can hear is the sound of the stream rushing by and the gentle whir of the hummingbirds as they zoom around the feeders. It's a wonderful spot!

Over the years John's dad has decorated the cabin grounds with various mining relics.
There are several now-defunct silver and uranium mines in the Wasatch Mountains.

The one downside of cabin life is the spiders. My attempts to nap were thwarted by a giant spider that jumped out of a quilt just as I was about to lay down. After that I was too freaked out to fall asleep. Ah wilderness!

Some of the artwork and furnishings in the cabin belonged to John's grandparents who emmigrated from Denmark in 1920's.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a hummingbird? It's practically impossible.

As a teenager, John and his friends used to hike up the canyon in the winter, get drunk (I hope John's dad isn't reading this) and skinny dip in this very stream.

The squirrel buffet.

Check out my hottie husband mowing the lawn!

Even Bumbee is tired after a romp across the lawn. Last summer, a hawk, thinking she was a rodent (understandably), circled above her as she unknowingly sprinted across the grass. Fortunately John was standing by and quickly scared off the hungry bird of prey. That was a close call for our little dog!

It was so relaxing to spend the aftrenoon at the cabin but now it's time to return to the hustle and bustle. Until next weekend...

Love, Kelly

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