Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Peek Inside the Pleasure Palace

On the corner of 800 East and South Temple in Salt Lake City sits the funky 70's era mansion owned by my sister Robin Ballard and her husband, Pete Ashdown. Aptly named the "Pleasure Palace", Robin and Pete purchased the property several years ago to use as a weekend getaway destination.

The sprawling home, with it's ornate detailing, marble accents, elaborate murals and shag carpeting appears to be forever encapsulated in the 1970's.

What have we here? It's the lady of the house just sprucing up the place a bit in preparation for tomorrow's birthday celebration for her 9 year old son. Henry.

And speaking of shag carpeting... Robin makes a few minor adjustments to the setting on the Hoover upright. This job will require the "deep shag" mode.

In this very spot, Robin has primped for numerous special occassions. Imagine the glamour!

Housework is so exhausting! Is it time for my nap, yet?
That velvety bed is calling my name.

Even the telephone is brimming with a romantic allure.

Family photos adorn the magnificent mantle.

You can see why the family refers to this as the "Celestial Room".

Thanks for the tour, sister. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.
Love, Kelly


  1. Darling Sister,
    It is always a PLEASURE to enjoy your company. And thank you for the much needed preparation for the boy's 9th Birthday Party. Had you not been there to help, I'd still be setting up.

    Much love and Pleaure,
    Your sister, Robin

  2. Oh, and please come back for another shoot some time soon -- I am eager to share my gown collection with your audience.

  3. I'll be back for another photo shoot. I'm certain my readers would enjoy viewing your vast assortment of vintage gowns and wigs.

  4. OMG that was fantastic! Feel like I stepped back in time in several photos. LOVE the housedress! Don't tell but my Mom still wears hers weekly tee hee!