Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jar of Smiles

We all seem to be taught very young to have a different face for all sorts of occasions, and situations. As I have gotten wiser, which is really a nice way of saying older, and much more authentic with myself, it has become apparent to me how often I have worn the faces that others have selected, or demanded for me.
Often not very well I might add, since it hasn't really been who I was. I have worked really hard over the last several years to discover once again who I really am, and want to be. We all change over time whether we are trying too or not, but if I think for myself I stop questioning certain traditions, habits, and especially belief systems for myself long ago.

But as life puts us in completely surprising circumstances, and adventures that maybe we did not see ourselves ever experiencing we have the opportunity to re-inventory ourselves to see where we stand with OURSELVES.
I have received lots of great wisdom in my life from those that love me...three statements stand out for me in my mind always ...especially in my treatment of myself and mankind. One is: "You are born alone, and you die alone," "Never take advice from someone more screwed up then you." And last but not least is: "You are the final authority in your life." Look behind the smiles you may wear around others based on caring what they think, and make sure first you are REALLY happy, and second that the smile is based in your authentic passion, love for life, and love for yourself.

I wish you much self-discovery.

Love, Connie

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