Friday, July 24, 2009

Signs of the Times

Considering that today is Pioneer Day, a statewide holiday commemorating the history of Utah, I thought I'd share with you this visual essay of some cool vintage signs around Salt Lake City. The City Creek Inn on North Temple.

Some old signs in the Sugar House area. Fortunately, Craig Meacham doesn't own any of these buildings, otherwise they would have been torn down.

Since I never clean my house, I don't own a vacuum so I have never been in this establishment. They have a really cool sign, though.

Central Book Exchange on 1100 East and 20th South is a great place to bring all those books you've already read that are gathering dust sitting on your shelf. When you trade in your old books you get a discount on new ones. The staff is really helpful, too.

Sterling Furniture, in Sugar House. Corner of 2100 South and 1100 East.

The iconic roto-sphere Granite Furniture sign built in 1964. Fortunately this sign will become part of the new building design in the works.

I'm not sure what "He She" means. Perhaps it refers to the feminist science fiction/cyber punk novel "He She and It" written in 1991 by Marge Peircy.

The Stark Automotive Sign: on the corner of Mclelland and Hollywood. Stark Automotive is gone but the sign remains.

This odd little storefront has been unoccupied for several years. When you look through the front window the former popcorn/candy shop seems frozen in time. There are even some really stale peices of taffy sitting on the counter. My theory is the building is haunted because at times I have seen a mysterious figure in the window upstairs.

The Judge Building, built in 1906 sits on the corner of 300 South and Main.

Backers Bakery; 434 South Temple. These guys were making yummy cupcakes before they became a trend. They also carry some really adorable retro style aprons.

McKay Diamonds; opened in 1949. It's the ultimate Main Street survivor.

Exchange Place, one of downtown's Historic Districts.

Once considered one of Salt Lake City's premiere financial zones, Exchange Place Historic District is nestled between 3rd and 4th South and bounded by the East on State and the West by Main.

700 block of State Street...that frosty beer mug is making me thirsty. It must be 100 degrees out today.

New Era Garage: NW corner of 600 South and 200 East.

Affectionately refered to as "The Roachman" by local diners.

Wow! Free TV and phone in every room! Talk about plush.

Ritz Bowling Lanes, 2265 South State...another great example of googli archtitecture. After 47 years it's still a great place to wear other people's shoes.

All this traipsing around town in this triple digit heat has been brutal. Time for a frosty mug (or cardboard cup as the case may be) of A & W rootbeer. It's time to head home to the AC. There will be more signs to come...stay tuned readers.
Love Kelly


  1. This post is your best yet! I always look for those signs truth be told...they are sooo fun to look at and secretly I check to see if any of them are torn down and laying in the alley for me to pick up. Now that would be a great bit of pop art above the sofa! NO idea what on earth I would do with it, but to own a piece of SLC history would be so fun!

  2. Whoa! That was a long walk! I'm tired! It was just like being there!