Saturday, September 19, 2009

Abode Flea Market

Today was the last Abode Flea market of the season. The Market has been plagued by inclement weather this summer. One month saw monsoon winds and rain and the next month, triple digit heat. But today's weather could not have been more perfect for the vendors over at Abode.

Here we find Stephanie setting up the cheap (and easy) table. And when I say Stephanie is "easy" I mean "easy like a Sunday morning". But look at her now...lay out the linens and she becomes a woman possessed! "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

Here's Delores with her fabulous vintage blankets. Check out the blankets at her feet. They are now in my shop. I bought them all.

Here's Elliot helping out his dad at his booth. What a fine fellow. I hardly recognized him with his new haircut!

Today is Kathy's wedding anniversary. Her gift to her husband is NOT to be a vendor in the Market. But she HAD to shop! Lucky husband!

Miriam...the brains behind Abode. Great Market today!
Love, Kelly


  1. Kelly, Thanks for putting our flea market on your blog! It was a great one with fantastic vendors! I had SO much fun just shopping; everyone loves the glass pendant I bought from Jill and just wait 'til you see my "Junkmarket" style creation that I make with my car window roll-up handle that I picked up from Elliott. Thanks to all you great fans of Abode, especially you, Kelly! Love, Cathie

  2. Ooooh! I love the photos of Abode! I was under the weather and had signed up to participate...I am drooling over the cute dancing Dutch children canister! And those vintage linens!