Wednesday, September 2, 2009

White Out!

The paint has been flying this weekend over at my place. The fact that summer (painting season) is over has hit home with me. The pile up of furniture in the garage waiting to be painted was becoming precarious. In my crazed attempt to cover everything in white paint, I almost painted a few of the neighborhood cats. My driveway is beginning to look like a Jackson Pollock painting. This French style coffee table is only $150.
I discovered a new "distressing" technique. After leaving some tables in the driveway overnight to dry, a wind whipped up some dirt in the yard and covered the French coffee table with tiny flecks, giving it an interesting aged patina. A very cute and useful drop leaf table. Only $65.

This little column table has a hidden compartment; the perfect hiding place for your stash of chocolate. Admit it, everyone has one. It could be yours for $50.

Here's a cute coffee table with a beachy cottage feel. It even has a drawer to stash those unsightly remotes. At $150, it's a steal!

This is the perfect book case for a child's bedroom. It stands 23" high so even little ones can pick out their favorite books, toys or movies. At only $60 it won't last.

A small version of the French coffee table; 40" x 24" oval. The perfect piece for a small apartment. $100.
So come in and check out these new stylish and practical pieces. They are all solid wood, of course and priced to move.
Love, Kelly

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  1. White is always "in"! I think white is the new mahogany!!!! Classy and solid, like the mahogany underneath!