Thursday, September 17, 2009

Estate Sale Envy

The world of junker girls is at times, a competetive one. Last week, Sue, of Vintage Rescue Squad challenged her junker girlfriends to top her weekend finds at an estate sale:

Sue laid down the gauntlet and I picked it up. I was invited to a "private" showing last weekend at one of those high security retirement homes for really paranoid old people. I won't name names. Like a journalist, I must protect my sources. The covenants of this old folk's fortress does not allow for the removal of anything on the weekends so I had to wait until yesterday to pick up my haul. There were survelance cameras everywhere. It's probably easier to get in and out of the Pentagon.

So, check out my finds: a chrystal chandalier, Hull pitcher, set of silver cowboy napkin rings, Asian Plates (from Caesar's Palace in Vegas, no less), vintage tin, Italian teapot, adorable floral painting, ice bucket, candle set, concrete garden angel all perched atop this sweet vintage metal tea cart! What now, Sue of Vintage Rescue Squad?

And, oh yeah...I almost forgot. A box of VINTAGE RHINESTONE TIARAS! As I was about to check out and write my check the guy asked, "You wouldn't be interested in this box of old tiaras, would you?" I just about wet myself on the spot!
Love, Kelly


  1. UNCLE. You win. The tiaras set you over the top!!!!! Thanks for the shoutout. Now you should check out Pam's challenge:

  2. omgosh! I just spent half the day looking at Sue's site, and then she goes and posts another blog to wander through,...I am so inspired, I am thinking of getting a booth somewhere and sell some more of my cute and crazy stuff! I agree with Sue that you definitely were the winner of that contest...amazing stuff!

  3. Wondering if the tiaras are one size fits all!