Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Portland, Oregon...It's a Great City!

Last year, when our daughter Emily announced she would be attending Portland State University we couldn't have been happier. Finally, a great reason to visit one of our favorite cities. This is Emily's second year at PSU so we thought it was time for our anual visit.

We spent Sunday afternoon strolling the downtown area. Operating since 1974, the Saturday Market on the Historic Waterfront is the largest continuous open air market in the country.

The Market features a variety of arts, crafts, food booths, street preachers, mimes and musicians.

Our daughters, Emily and Leah enjoying the sunshine. The weather could not have been more perfect for our weekend visit. Clear skies and temperatures in the 70's.

Me and Poopsie.

Next stop, the Pearl District and Powell's Books. No trip to Portland would be complete without a trip to "the world's largest independantly owned" bookstore.

Oh, look. I've found something naughty to read. Even us middle aged gals need a little excitement, too.

The 24 hour church of Elvis caught our eye. Sadly we were dissapointed when after we inserted our coins, NOTHING HAPPENED! Apparently, Elvis has left the building.

Apparently, this is where they keep the girls.

There is no shortage of colorful types on the streets of Portland. That's what I love about Portland; the best people watching west of the Rockies. It really is a great city!

Portland...keepin' it weird.
Love, Kelly


  1. No one can plan a thrift store shopping spree like Kelly. Please post more pictures!

  2. Extremely jealous here in small town Torrey!! I keep trying to talk SOMEBODY into going to Portland next year...sigh...maybe one day!! It looks amazing and like you are having a good time!!

  3. Love the pictures of Portland. It really is a cool looking place....next year can I go, too?