Friday, September 4, 2009

Button, Button, Whose Got the Button?

I have my sister Robin to thank for my latest additiction. Last fall when she was working on the Obama campaign she purchased a button maker and produced about 1 million buttons with Obama's image. I believe her efforts on the button making front actually won the election. Anyway, after the post-election dust had settled I borrowed her button maker to make some items for the shop: magnets, pins, pendants, etc. Well, that little machine that produced 1/2" buttons was an overnight sensation. I couldn't stop. My husband was no help with my newfound addiction. After he bought me the 1 1/2" model for Christmas, he didn't see me emerge from my craft room until Groung Hog Day. I have a problem. After a few months, the button supplies dwindled. I ordered a new batch of supplies last week and John called me at work yesterday to tell me the UPS man had just delivered my new supplies. He also mentioned that a Mad Men DVD had arrived from Netflix and he was spending the evening at the football game so I wouldn't have to make dinner. New button supplies, Mad Men and take out dinner...dreams really do come true.

Last weekend at an estate sale I found this cute little children's dictionary. Since it was a bit ragged the guy threw it in my pile for a $1.00. Look at the cute little line drawing graphics. Hmmm. What a great idea for buttons.

Making a button couldn't be easier or more instantly fulfilling. First, this handy circle cutter cuts your image.
Then you load your image, a button and mylar into the ring, lower the boom and voila! In mere moments you have a button!

I chose to make this batch into magnets. I use a jewelry glue, E-6000 to attach the magnets. Be sure you use a large enough magnet depending on your button size.

Check out the results, so easy and so cute. After the glue dries they'll be available in the shop for $2.00 each. Such a deal!

Here is the perfect gift for that special democrat in your life.
Love, Kelly

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