Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vintage Blankets

There's a chill in the air and you know what that means. Colder weather is on the way. Be prepared by stocking up on cozy vintage blankets. These are the blankets I found at the Abode Flea Market over the weekend. The colors and patterns are beautiful, are they not? Don't they remind you of your sweet grandmother's house?

So stock up on these snuggly beauties 'cause baby, it's cold outside!
Love, Kelly


  1. I have been dreaming of these blankies since I saw them Saturday! They are so awesome... I am coming back in to get one..People don't generally understand the value of a real wool blanket...but being the granddaughter of a sheep rancher, you can bet I do!

  2. You are so on they money! I've never slept as well as I have under my grandma's blankets. I stupidly took her quilts to college with me as my blankets, and wore them out. So sad, but they helped me through some long sleepless nights!

  3. See those two green blankets in the first photo???? They are now MINE ALL MINE! I am so thrilled! and Warm!!!!!Bring it on, Winter......!!!