Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vintage Children's Books

If anyone out there knows of anything cuter than vintage children's books, I'd like to hear about it. I find their whimsical illustrations to be absolutely irresistable. I became obsessed with old children's books about 15 years about and started snatching them up at thrift stores when they were cheap and plentiful. What a cute and clever way to decorate a child's room!

Each page is a work of art and in my opinion, suitable for framing. Second Hand Chic has a large selection of these little treasures. Most are priced in the $8 - $16 range.

The artwork is also a great source for jewelry, buttons, magnets, collage and other mixed media projects. Color copying the pages is a good idea so you can preserve the books.

Love, Kelly


  1. Irresistible is right~ I love to collect and use in my artwork, those vintage childrens books! Nah, not much is sweeter... ok, my kiddos and maybe baby kitties...and bunnies! *teehee*

  2. I have a full shelf of these vintage (I guess that makes me vintage, too) books many of which I actually read in school! I started my collection at your shop when you were on 33rd South. Grandchildren love to be read these stories from simpler times. Truly treasures, and you have them in plentiful supply all the time! How do you do it!!??