Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Congratulations to last month's winner of our blog drawing! Linda De Acevedo is the lucky recipient of this adorable vintage tray. Linda has been busy tending her grandchildren so she hasn't had time to come in and claim her prize until now. She's such a good grandma. She really got into the South of the Border theme when we asked her to pose with her prize. She grapped a nearby blanket, donned a hat and Ole! That's what we love about Linda. She is such a good sport.

All blog followers are eligible for our monthly drawing. What's that? You haven't signed up to follow our blog yet? Well this month we are sweetening the pot. We will be awarding two prizes, one for a follower chosen at random and one for the follower who leaves the most comments. This is your big opportunity...you could win a fabulous prize that will change your life! So become a follower and leave a comment. It's fun! It's easy! What are you waiting for?

Love, Kelly


  1. It's always nice when a good sport wins.

  2. Great photo, Kelly! I look like a serape senorita, doncha think?

  3. Ooops, Kelly! Its de Azevedo, fyi! No problemo though! I'm loving my tray, Ole`!