Sunday, September 13, 2009

"This Stuff is Crap!"

As you know, most of the items in my shop, I find at estate sales. Sometimes these treasures require just a little TLC to make them shop-ready. Oh sure, I can do the simple things like removing weird stickers from dressers but at times I need a little more expertise. This is where Poopsie comes in.

Every junker girl needs a "Poopsie". He's a handy fella with a Big Clamp! For the sake of our marriage I try not to impose too much on his time with fix-it projects. All I ask is for a couple hours on Sunday afternoons.

Here's Poopsie in action. You can see that he's got some sweet skills. He's replacing a missing runner in the Richard Nixon dresser.

Here's Poopsie repairing an old cupboard with gorilla glue and his Big Clamp.

For the most part, Poopsie is happy to help but occassionally I hear him muttering under his breath, "This stuff is crap". In fact, lately he's considered starting his own blog. It would chronicle the adventures of a beleagured man who's wife has a shop. The blog would be called, "This Stuff is Crap!".
Oh,'re the BEST!
Love, Kelly

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  1. wow, those really ARE serious clamps! I hope you feed him good food...he's a rare breed! Leslie as in Annie and Leslie in Brigham