Monday, October 12, 2009

Abandoned Cabin

Across this rickety bridge....

And up these decaying steps....

Lies an old abandoned cabin. It appears it has been unused for several years.

It's a sweet little cabin in the woods, painted a cheerful shade of robin egg's blue. At one time I suppose it was ocupied by a nice family that would spend their weekends there, enjoying the beauty of nature. But now it seems so lonely and sad.

A former occupant even went to the trouble of placing a bouquet of plastic flowers on the door.

Poor little cabin. This is such a lovely spot. I wish I could move in. Just for the chance to ring this cute little bell everyday.

As usual, Bumbee comes along for all of our adventures!
Love, Kelly


  1. I love all the little homemade trim pieces and cutouts on the shutters. What a sweet little place. Did you ring the bell while you were there?

  2. I remember that place! Did you look in the windows? It's so strange, I have been itching to get a look inside for years.

  3. What a sweet little cabin, I am all nostalgic for my old cabin at Lake Arrowhead, CA. ....sold it a long time ago...I will drop in for a map to this cute place...what a great photo op! This spring I found a little cabin hidden right in the heart of Holladay..

  4. Lucky Bumby, and plastic flowers are great -- they are so long lasting!