Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Since I'm always so busy with the shop I rarely have the time to decorate my home. So here is the extent of my Halloween Decor. A trio a pumpkins sitting on a bench....ta da!!! No applause, please. I's pathetic. You'd expect more from the "uber-decorator".
Here's Poopsie, who is equally busy with his own metal fabricating business to come up with a complicated Halloween costume:

I think he's really let his work "go to his head".
Happy Halloween.
Love, Kelly


  1. Several comments from me this evening:
    #1 I LOVE how shiny and pretty the small pumpkin on your porch is! Way to go!

  2. #2 Do you still have that picture of our very sad Halloween in Arizona, where I didn't have a costume and was crying, but you were making my mouth smile by pulling at its sides from behind?

  3. #3 Poopsie's costume is hysterical. Pete even said, "very funny." Did he craft those head pieces himself?

  4. #4 Did you get many trick or treaters at your house tonight, or were they too spooked away by the scary display you have on your porch?

  5. Way to rack up the comments, Robin! I had no trick or treaters...I was out visiting the homes of 16 grandchildren! They were very lively on Halloween night, and so were their parents! What a bunch of party animals! I pooped out and went home!