Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Have you ever been so happy that you wanted to do the "happy dance?" Well we have good reason to be happy here at Second Hand Chic. The construction on 9th East is finally finished. After several dusty, noisey months, our ordeal is over. Ninth East is finally open to north and south bound traffic. So if you've been avoiding us because of the roadwork, your wait is over. Please stop by. We have lots of new fun merchandise that you've been missing out on. The only unfortunate thing is, those orange barrels would have looked fabulous with our Halloween decor!
Hope to see you soon.
Love, Kelly


  1. Congratulations on the completion of a dusty, dirty, filthy street construction project....those who survived are the True and Faithful Ones! The construction was fun to watch occasionally, but all that dust and gravel flipping around was dangerous! I am going to have to re-train myself to go South on that section of "North Only 9th East". Want me to go and "pick up" some orange barrels for ya just for Halloween....? just asking.......

  2. Thank the gods of recyclers. It was still worth it to face that horrible traffic and confusing road signs, not to mention some of the unfriendly men at work.... I believe that some of my most favored merchandise collected from the Second Hand Chic was purchased during this very difficult time. But like I am saying... all that trouble with the roads was worth it. And now -- look how easy it is to reach you!