Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My So Called Glamourous LifeStyle

I wish I had a dollar for every time a customer in my shop would say to me, "Your'e so lucky to have your own shop. I've always wanted my own shop. I'll bet you have so much fun!"

Most days, "fun" is not the operative word around here! Sure, I love my shop; much like a mother loves a collicky infant when she's up all night crying. In fact, owning a shop is very similar to having a 1500 square foot infant. It's messy, expensive and stressful but ultimately strangely rewarding.

Indulge me, while I provide you with a glimpse into the not-so-glamourous life a shop owner.

Since I man the shop Monday-Saturday my only "day off" is Sunday. A typical Sunday for me usually involves hitting some estate sales which sounds fun but always involves several subsequent hours of hauling heavy furniture either back to the shop or back to my lair for painting.

Then I'll remove spiders and their webs and/or eggs from underneath my finds. (Ewww!) Then I beg Poopsie to do a "few small repairs" for me. And then, if I'm not too exhausted and the weather permits, I'll spend a few hours painting(see photo above).

When I was travelling in Idaho last summer I noticed a sign posted behind the counter of a shop I was in. It read, "Two things in life are over rated: natural childbirth and owning your own shop!"

I have my own saying, "The two happiest days in a woman's life are the day she opens her own shop and the day she sells it." I know they say that about a man and his boat but I think it works in this case, too.

Love, Kelly


  1. The secret of Kelly's beauty is her makeup brush.

  2. Kelly,
    I loved finding out what you DO to actually DO what you DO! I know there is this little bug vacuum so you can suck spiders from far away. I'm planning on getting one! I like spiders but not in my house. or kittens pooping on my down comforter. ;)
    Love, Auretha

  3. Oh, Kelly. You truly provide an excellent service to all of the aesthetic and functionality lovers of our city. You just keep on keepin' on, Lady.