Monday, October 19, 2009

Half Off Halloween!

All Halloween decor has been reduced by 50% Hurry in for best selection. The prices are so low it's SCARY!

Love, Kelly


  1. Halloween is Half-Off!!!???? Scary News!!! I'll be right over to get spooked-up for the Hallowed Holiday! Only ELEVEN MORE DAYS til scamper to Sugar House!

  2. Scary? Oh dear. Much as I LOVE Second Hand Chic, I hate a scare. Really. Could you be sure to put something pretty and comforting out in a special place in your store -- maybe put up some guiding signs for people who don't like scary, so we can avoid that part of the store? I'd come down in the next few days if you could make that accommodation for scaredy pants little me. Otherwise, I will have to wait until November 1. Thank you