Monday, October 19, 2009

I Love Dacshunds!

If you've been following this blog for a while you've noticed the occasional appearance of my little dacshund, Bumbee. I've never had a small dog before but I have been completely smitten by this little mutt. She is the funniest, most adorable dog ever! Here she is patroling the fence last winter. Dacshunds are very watchful and alert. Nothing gets past this one. We refer to her as "five pounds of fury".

One of my customers, Liz with her dacshund, Ginger. We instantly bonded when we started talking about our dogs!

I never imagined I'd be one of those weird old ladies with the spoiled little lap dog. But I seem to spend every evening these days watching the McNeil/Lehrer Report with wee Bumbee snuggled up on my lap. When the AARP card arrived in the mail last month there's no more denial: I am that old lady I thought I'd never be.
Love, Kelly


  1. I'm crazy about shih tzu's...I threw my dog a first birthday party, 30 came!! there was lots and lots of gifts. so yes my name is Annie and my dog-ter Lucy is spoiled.

  2. Dachsunds Rock! Do they still call them weiner dogs? Yours is so cute, and I am overwhelmed by the adorable "second hand chic-ness" of the matching Dachsund ceramics and other accessories...It's a dog's world out there...

  3. Little Bumbee is 7 1/2 pounds, mom. Do you remember how much I weighed when I was her age?

  4. I need either a new, larger house with display area, or an addition to my current house to become a collector of dachsund figures, much as these photos allure me.

  5. I remember how much you weighed as a baby, dear little Embily. You were off the charts, and we were all very proud of you.