Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Arrivals

Here is a sampling of some fresh merchandise we have just put out on the floor. As you know, Second Hand Chic receives new merchandise almost every day. We price it low to sell quickly so if you see something you like, don't wait or it may go home with someone else!

Bookcase, 63" high and 34" wide. This is a very sturdy old piece: $150
Accent Lamp: $24. Decorative tray: $16.

Set of two Pine Counter Stools, 39" high: $50.

Beaded Decorative Pillow from Z Gallery: $20.

Plaid Vintage Shopping Cart: $20.

Painted Shelf, 25" high and 17" wide: $24.

Framed Circus Poster, 19x24: $26.
This just a sampling of our new merchandise. So come in and see for yourself.
Love, Kelly


  1. The 60s called....they want their decorative orange and gold tray back! I think my mother in law had one...it went with the olive green shag carpet! I love the plaid rolling cart...is it for picnics?

  2. Oh, I CANNOT tell you how many times I have oogled at an item at the Second Hand Chic, then come back and IT WAS GONE! There are truly some wonderful items in this particular posting. A book case is always a useful item in a home, office, or general display area. These shelves seem particularly stylish and useful for display and storage. Are they still there and available for purchase?

  3. I saw many of those plaid shopping carts in France, which is a very fashionable place -- by the way -- . These carts are an excellent way to shop at a neighborhood store, thus avoiding the pollution that a several ton car vomits into the air every time we use it to go a few blocks. And think of the muscles one might develop on the calves, thighs, and buttocks when shopping in this way. And did I mention the shopping cart is very fashionable? Oh, if only I had a market close by my home...

  4. Upon further reflection concerning the adorable plaid wheeled shopping device, I thought what a wonderful way to do your shopping at the Gateway! No need for those wasteful and ugly bags they give you at the Gap, or the Ann Taylor, or the Coldwater Crick (not that I have anything against these stores, mind you). But really, think how cute it would be to use such a cute personal shopping cart in which to stash all of your purchases?!