Friday, October 2, 2009

This Month's Winner

Congratulations to Christina Jackson! She is this months lucky drawing winner. We've chosen a special prize we think she'll love; an assortment of adorable vintage greeting cards. Since Christina is into mixed media and "anything sparkly" we know she'll enjoy these cards. Be sure to check out Christina's blog: "icandy" at

We decided to have two winners this month. One chosen at random and another for the most comments left. Our second winner, with a whopping 11 comments is Linda de Acevedo. Linda has alot to say! We've decided on this cute and oh so very useful vintage mixing bowl. Since Linda's kitchen is so adorable we figured she spends alot of time in there.
So congratulations ladies! If you haven't signed up to be a follower of our blog what are you waiting for? All you need is an e-mail address and everyone has one of those.
Love, Kelly


  1. OH... MY... GOSH!!!! I can't believe my eyes!!!! Thank you sooooo very much and boy, you DO know me too well! :) HUGS! I'll send you an email w/ my addy! Thank you again~ I just know that I'll love that sweet, sweet selection!!

  2. Hey! You mean that making sarcastic comments on your facebook page doesn't count as comments on your blog and qualify me for a fabulous prize???? Well, I suppose I don't need a prize anyway... I AM, after all, working on downsizing. By the way, I'm going to stop my car -- I have a dresser for you! (If I wrote all of these sentences as separate comments, would they count for my having left the most comments?) It's not that I need anything, and honestly, you have already given me SO much... It's just that I am crazy and I love the feeling of winning -- oh, it's been so long since I've won anything. When I was in 10th grade I won a Cross Silver pen. That was really exciting, but I can't recall winning anything since then... except for when I won first place in a debutant ski contest (because everyone else was disqualified for going off course). I believe I am rambling...
    I will not be a sore loser, I hereby congratulate the two lovely ladies who won and deserved the fabulous prizes you awarded them and I cheer for the personal excitement that they must be feeling now for their victories. Hats off to all!

  3. Hey Kell! Thanks so much for making me a Winnah! You knocked my vintage soxies off my vintage toesies! I love my mixing and measuring bowl and will be right in to fetch it. I really wish Robin Ballard the best of luck NEXT time!

  4. I picked up my adorable Anchor Hocking Prize Bowl today and it has inspired me no end to keep on commenting...anyone want to take me on....?If not...lay low and let me garner the prize.

  5. Winners? Oh, that's right, you give a prize to people who write the most comments on your blog during a month. How silly for me to forget! Gosh, I believe I may have written a comment or two for every single day of October so far! I'll try not to overwhelm you with the remaining days of this, October, month.

    By the way, "The Meaning of Christmas" on the Star Wars Christmas album, really is the worst song EVER recorded. Just see my 2 facebook comments on the facebook, and you will agree. Certain people (by the name of Mike Jones) do NOT deserve a prize for that highly danceable tune "Tarzan Boy"!!!

  6. I am sure that Linda has a real cute kitchen, if her daughter, Carrie de Azevedo Poulsen is anything like her mother. Kelly, you should go to that woman's kitchen -- really -- it is amazing. She just got her old cadillac of a stove to work again. And did you know that you can google Carrie, and you will be delighted with the amount of sites that come up for her?