Thursday, October 1, 2009


Since Portland is a "Green" city, they love their second hand stores. It seems there's one on every corner. Since we were there just there for the weekend I had to do some speed-thrifting. Thanks to Pam over at One Gal's Trash for some thrifting tips in her hometown. First stop: The Bins. This thrifting adventure is not for amateurs! Merchandise is literally dumped into these huge bins. I am a seasoned thrifter, a real pro, and I found myself a bit queasy at times.

At one point, I reached in to grab a dish and noticed it was wet. Eeeeew. I should have worn a big rubber apron and industrial style gloves for this excursion.

But regardless of the "ick" factor, we found a few treasures. Check out this awesome vintage bug killing device.

When you're ready to check out, they roll your cart onto a big scale and charge you $1.00 a pound! We were also told we were not allowed to take photos. Huh? So if you like to document your thrifty shopping trips, be discreet with your camera.

The Bins

1740 SE Ochoco

Next stop: Teen Challenge. Your basic non-profit thrift store. We found a few treasures but nothing outstanding. The prices were reasonable. They have lots of furniture and nic nacs. The clothing selection was lacking.

I'm not Catholic but I love this picture of the Pope. They have a patron saint for just about everything but is there one for thrifters?

Teen Challenge

3131 NE Sandy Blvd.

Next stop: Bearly Worn Resale Clothing. Very nice shop, set up like a boutique rather than a traditional thrift store. Good brands on apparel and accessories for a younger shopper. I found some things for my daughter there.

Do you think Poopsie will like these?

Bearly Worn
4926 SE Division

A fun day of thrifting! My one regret is that I didn't have more time and space in my luggage.

Love, Kelly


  1. Look how cute your teen has become! She passed that teen challenge with flying colors!

  2. Kelly! What a fun shopping trip...not allowed to take photographs! Like they are the CIA or something? Keep snapping....that's all I have to say...besides, you might need to document that wet slime that you got on you...geesh loueesh! I love the photo of the Pope, did you get it? and the Beatles?

  3. A few more things of import:
    #1) I can't believe you have not yet sold that "sprayer" to anyone!!!
    #2) I really enjoy that child's "Swiss Miss" outfit. Is it in your Second Hand Chic store and available for purchase?
    #3)I still have and cherish that plastic plate you gave me decades ago, "Padre Pio, Pray for us" Do you understand how deeply I value your gifts?
    #4) I really enjoy, and covet your collection of wool blankets. As we add an addition to our current Hillbilly Hideout, I will need more of such wool blankets to keep my brood warm during the oncoming winter nights. And, during any time of year, they are an excellent item for DISplay. Maybe on some of those nice shelves you sell over at the Second Hand Chic. Oh (wistfully) I sure do love those blankets.

  4. Padre Pio,
    Pray for me to win a prize this month...