Friday, October 23, 2009

Pass the Baton

A friend sent me info on a shop in Japan called, "Pass the Baton". They sell previously owned items but with a twist. All merchandise in the shop features a photo and bio of the previous owners. It's an attractive concept for retail. The strong story element adds value for potential buyers while expanding the relevance of the second-hand experience as well.
Here is the concept, as explained by "Pass the Baton":
"East and west, north and south. Each region has its own cultural climate. This can be both a blessing and a source of friction. Each country has its differences. These can be both a blessing and a source of war. The modern marketplace contains a vast diversity of commercial products. These can be both a blessing and a source of excessive competition. As a result of this, there is simply too much. Too much unwanted excess and too much regretful loss. Why not eliminate borders and corporations, and discover the value of personal culture? Cultivated carefully over the years, it’s something to be treasured and shared. Creating something new is a wonderful thing, but taking good care of an object that is already there can be magical. Old ways, current personal values, and future treasures for someone new."

Love, Kelly


  1. That is a fancy, fancy store. I wonder what their overhead is.

  2. Besides that, it's kinda far to get to. I like to go to Second Hand Chic! It's close by, easy to get to, the merchandise is fantastic, and you can't beat the saleslady's friendly features!

  3. Kelly, the Provenance idea is the KEY girl..Everyone wants to know a little background on what they are looking at, don't they? I know I do!!! start writing up a little blurb for each of the items you sell...Forget the photo and bio of the previous owner ...just where it's from and why the "previous owner" loved it. .What do you think of doing it in your shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!Also on searchable iitems, put a little idea of what it is selling for on ebay or etsy even! So they Know they are getting a deal right then and there and they can grab it up and go right home and get decorating! Brilliant!!!!!