Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My New Favorite Colors

I've always been partial to the color green. Lately I've been noticing an old favorite, Kelly Green, popping up everywhere. When paired with a sunny shade of yellow it's a knock out combination of shades with a fun retro vibe.
Remember these cheerful cups from the Seventies, Remember the Seventies?

Here's a softer version of the green/yellow combo in this comforter. Modern and a little more subdued.

A shopping tote made of vintage fabric. Go green!

Nothing lifts your mood like this happy color! A great way to face the long winter months ahead is to surround yourself with warm, sunny colors.

And who could resist this funky green pekinese?

If you are not a fan of bright shades but love the green/yellow combo check out this pretty vintage plate.

A daisy vase will add a right spot to any room.

A vintage bug killing device.

Here's a fun vintage blanket made of cotton so it's washable and not scratchy like some vintage wool blankets can be.

And finally a vintage wall phone. I'm fascinated by the fact that these old phones still work. What other 40 year old device that you know of is still in working order? They just don't make them like this anymore.
Love, Kelly


  1. A few comments on this post:
    #1) You have an uncanny knack for mixing and displaying colors. I wish to learn from your expertise to develop this art in myself.
    #2) I LOVE that insecticide sprayer. Oh, what could I use it for????
    #3) You may recall that I have a similar yellow, push button phone that is attached to my wall in the kitchen. Works like a charm, and I get so many positive comments. Now, I USED to have a black rotary dial in its place; my 16 year old nephew came in and asked his mother, in astonishment, "What is that thing?" She said, "A telephone." He responded incredulously, "How does it work????"

    Oh, I was sorry to replace it with the touch tone, but honestly, one has to admit that in this day and age, one can only retrieve messages or be put on hold through the use of a touch tone.

  2. Hey, this comment did NOT show up on your "Number of Comments" at the bottom of the post. I feel cheated - although I know it is NOT your fault. You are but a humble (yet stylish) shop keeper, who daily tries her best to provide wonderful items to her customers at a truly excellent price. But still, what's up with my important comment not showing up????