Sunday, November 1, 2009

Luck Be A Lady

Here's our first winner of this month's randomly chosen prize. Jessica Tew is one of our newest followers. I first met Jessica years ago when she worked at Abode. She was always so friendly and helpful and could put together a fabulous display. She's now a hardworking student at the University. She's pictured with her handsome husband, who incidently is a very talented musician. Be sure to check out Jessica's cute blog:
If you've been reading the comments left on this blog then I'm sure you could have guessed who our second lucky winner is. The one and only, star of stage and screen...Robin Ballard! She looks like a woman who needs a prize, doesn't she?

Be sure to check out Robin's video series, "Avondale". You can access it through FaceBook:

I've known Robin for many years (she's my sister). Here's a photo of her at her 40th birthday bash. She truly is the epitome of glamour.

Congratulations to our lucky prize winners. Next month, it could be you!
Tomorrow we will reveal the prizes to be bestowed on these lucky ladies.

Love, Kelly


  1. Such a lucky girl! :)

  2. Yay!! You are so sweet - can't wait to stop by and see whats new and claim my prize!

  3. Congratulations, Jessica! You will love whatever Kelly has in store for you! So nice to see you....Do you remember me dropping into Abode and bring Shawn? He's 3 now! Glad you're the Winnah!

  4. Congratulations, Robin! You are more than deserving this month! Good luck next month!