Monday, November 9, 2009

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

It has been a banner year for me. I turned 50 and both of my children moved out this year. The part about turning fifty was easy. I thought that the part about my children would be, too. Less stress and mess and the thought of all that extra space to build the craft room of my dreams!
Of course, I love my daughters, Emily and Heather and miss them but I am so happy and proud that they have the courage to get out into this big scary world and make it on their on.
In my mid-life effort to simplify my life and rid myself of unnessary clutter, I've decided to forgo the big Christmas decorating extravaganzas of the past. So as I'm going through the boxes of holiday decor I stumble upon these little treasures. An ornament made by Heather and a plate made by Emily.
It really hit home with me that these small creations, made by the tiny hands of my little daughters are some of the most important possessions I have. All the other stuff doesn't really matter. It's a good thought to keep with us during the upcoming holiday season.
I promised myself that I wouldn't weep. Sniff.
Love, Kelly


  1. Those are sweet christmas memories.

  2. Cry Baby, cry! You can rest your tear stained cheeks upon the comfort of my sisterly bossom.

  3. I just remembered when we would sing, "We bring the gift of fooood to thy baby." Special times.