Thursday, November 5, 2009

Prize Pick Up

Robin came in today to claim her prize. While she was in she picked up this cute shopping tote on wheels. She says these are all the rage in Europe! It certainly came in handy when it was time to haul away her winnings!

Do you think she likes it?
Love, Kelly


  1. Like it? I LOVE it! I feel so lucky, and so warm, and so nostalgic for Christmas of 1937. Thank you Second Hand Chic!

  2. Uhm, not to complain or look a gift horse in the mouth or anything... but the two pictures on the bottom of your post are all messed up, man. The viewer may be unable to really experience the entire emotion I am feeling for the nostalgia and warmth that lovely pink blanket is providing me with -- because the photo is cut in half. The second one is almost entirely obscured by the one of which I just spoke. Such a pity.

    But SERIOUS, I cannot wait to start using both of the new items. Watch for the crazy lady at the Gateway, with a marvelous plaid tote, hauling her J.Crew, Banana Republic, and Build a Bear merchandise down the cobble stone alley. If you see such a lady, with such a tote, on a frigid December day, and she has a pink blanket wrapped around her torso -- it is probably me.

  3. I believe that when you view the blog on a portable device it could obscure the photos. I realize that you are a busy gal and always on the go who rarely has a spare moment to sit down at her home computer.

    Second Hand Chicks

  4. Robin, the photos are fine. The iPod probably doesn't do you justice, but the photos are adorable and so are you! I am jealous of your rolly-tote! Mine in plain black and not vintage, it is late-Walmart. But we could have races.....nah! I love the Christmas 1937 blankie, though. I am jealous and covetous....both sins, I've heard. But I will be watching for you at Gateway this holiday season...

  5. Kelly and LindaJan, I hate to tell you, but I am viewing this array of photos on a very large and wide screen using a true, yet compact of motor computer. It is a "mac" computer, with a logo of an apple that has been bitten. The view of which I so rudely complain is vantaged from no Iphone.

    Now, LindaJan, I had the rare pleasure of carrying one of your offspring in my Eurovan this afternoon. I had to move the rolling plaid tote from the front seat into the back area of the vehicle to give the girl a little leg room. That girl is a real gem though, and I felt she also deserved the service of my moving the 2 dozen empty "Boost" bottles from beneath her feet. Then we had a nice, comfortable conversation.

  6. Well, Robin....thanks for accommodating my daughter in your Eurovan. She is a scintillating conversationalist so I am sure your afternoon with her was well spent! Let's all meet for lunch and have a little "Boost" of our own sometime!