Thursday, November 12, 2009

Architectural Boxes

Here's a photo we just received from Toni Youngblood. Toni finds discarded boxes and transforms them using archtitectural etchings, giving them new life. Very clever and oh so useful. You can check out more of Toni's boxes on this blog:

Thanks for sharing your boxes, Toni!

Keep those photos coming, folks!

Love, Kelly


  1. Although they are amazing, I was relieved not to need to buy one of those beautiful and useful architectural boxes tonight!

    Goldie (the gold fish) had a stone stuck in her/his throat, from grazing and sucking algae off the small rocks that line the bottom of our aquarium. My attempts at answering to such a dire situation turned me to the innerwebs, but ALL I could find from the hundreds of sites I visited were the following 3 scenarios:

    1)Fish don't choke, and why do you even care this much about a fish ... go out and do some charity work. (I do love this fish, and I probably should go out and do some more charity work)

    2) You must IMMEDIATELY steel your nerves, catch the critter, hold him gently with a wet towel, cause him to open his mouth, pluck the offending debris from its place of lodgement with a pair of DULL tweezers (I have lots of wet towels, but none of the other items or abilities required for going this route)

    3) Your beloved fish will be dead in a matter of hours. But please do not flush him down the toilet: A proper burial is best. (I sure was relieved when Goldie coughed up that stupid blue rock and stopped swaying back and forth at the bottom of the tank with a sad look on his/her face, gagging, and wiggling his/her fins. Now the stupid fish is back to merrily sucking up and spitting out rocks in his/her mouth again -- ANYWAY -- I dodged having to buy one of those beautiful boxes you showcase in this post, although no other box would have been befitting for my precious pet).

    Thanks Second Hand Chic!

  2. OKay, not about the boxes, because they are beautiful and worthy of purchasing. People should buy some of these lovely boxes; as presents, one for each of their friends and loved ones.

    But I HAVE to share with anyone who may have read my last comment and who may still be worrying about the plight of the beloved goldfish...that Goldie survived the rock swallowing! However, he/she got the "swim bladder" the next day and started swimming askew, a bit bloated in the belly. First it was the AMMONIA SPIKE in the tank water, then the rock in the throat, and now THIS! And I came in your store today, and felt a strange and warm comfort fill my bosom with all of the fish themed items that regaled my weary,sleep-deprived eyes in all of the wondrous fish displays and aquatic arrangements at the 2nd Hand Chic. I know in my heart that Goldie will be ok!