Thursday, November 5, 2009

Linda's Laundry Room

Linda sent us photos of her just too adorable laundry room. Can you imagine doing laundry in these sunny and colorful surroundings? You might actually look forward to laundry day!
Thanks for sharing, Linda!
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Love, Kelly


  1. LIIIIINDA! That cannot be your real laundry room. I'll send in a picture of mine -- I dare Kelly to post it. I imagine it will inspire others to hire a laundry service.

  2. It is my laundry room, but I promise it's only the cute part, Robin, so take heart! The floor is littered with shoes, piles of towels and unmentionables, and other laundry room refuse, just like yours or anybody elses. I only shot the tops of the washer and dryer and above!!!!