Monday, November 16, 2009

City Creek Canyon

Sunday was the perfect winter day. After a snowfall on Saturday, Sunday brought sunny clear skies. Poopsie and I decided to head over to City Creek Canyon to take "the kids" for a walk.

Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, City Creek Canyon has historical significance. Vanguards of the first Mormon settlers of Utah camped by the mouth of City Creek Canyon in 1847. For modern day urban dwellers, it's a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

At the base of the City Creek Canyon is Memory Grove Park. This beautiful park, dedicated to the veterans of Utah, is refreshingly quiet and serene. The towering trees surrounding the lawns and along the pond create a feeling of peacefulness for those who just want a quiet, meditative walk in the park.

Its a great spot for urban dog-walkers, as long as you keep the pooches on a leash.

It's quite the hike for someone with such short legs! It's a chilly day so it's a good thing Bumbee wore her sweater! Time to go home.
Love, Kelly


  1. Thanks for a virtual walk thru Memory Grove! I feel like I've been there and I didn't have to leave the coziness of my comforter and cup of Postum!

  2. LindaJan!!! My Postum is gone! I drank it all. Just Pero and chicory remain in my cabinet. From now on I am keeping ALL of the wrappers from the food I eat and the beverages I consume.

    PS. Beautiful park, beautiful

  3. More on the park and your photos:

    I appreciate these pictures, for, in addition to the manner in which they depict both the natural and hand-hewn resplendence of the Memory Grove Park; its impressive rebound from tornado wreckage wrought upon its verdant hills and venerable old trees, the beauty of its historic buildings as well as the grace of cherished monuments; the 2nd Hand Chic shopkeeper MAY remember the significance of Memory Grove to my husband and me, for, on a chilly October evening, we were married at the White Chapel on Capitol Hill, and, following the ceremony, wedding guests held flickering candles to light their way in the shadow of dusk, traversing the dim footpath, viny curls of waxy ivy tendrils, growing thick and twisting like our descending pathway towards the wide welcoming Rotary Steps which seemed to spill out from the ever-darkening hillside, and into the park (and where my dear friend, Jan, being ripe in her 9th month of pregnancy, tripped and landed with a terrible "water-mellony-cracking" sound -- I think she received a scrape and some bruises, but the baby and her dress were fine), the gracious steps inviting all wedding guests, gestating or not, all who had remained loyal and who had survived the uncertainty of our joyous journey, adventuring in the murky, yet merry night to escort bride and groom, our heels eagerly clicking pink sandstone underfoot as all approached the historic Memorial House where we held our reception.