Thursday, November 12, 2009

Donna's House

This is my cute friend Donna. Today she's going to take us on a tour of her lovely home.

As you can see, Donna has a very impressive collection of hand painted metal trays and has beautifully displayed them throughout her kitchen. Tray Chic!

This kitchen island is actually a re-purposed harpsicord. How clever!

Her husband's baby grand piano is the focal point of the livingroom.

Donna is quite fond of roses. Maybe it's because she's from Texas.

Here's a glimpse of Donna's home office. I love the way she has brought a feminine touch into her workspace. What lovely details for an office space!

While I was up in Donna's neck of the woods (North Ogden) we spent the day checking out all the resale shops in the area. I call it "Market Research"; my husband calls it shopping. In fact, Donna is developing a website that will provide information on resale shops in the greater Salt Lake and Weber County areas. Stay tuned. Donna also treated me to a lovely lunch in the Historic Downtown area. Such a sweet lady and such a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing, Donna.
Love, Kelly


  1. Pink Teapot and the lovely bed in the last photo.

  2. PS. Another clever play on words there, Second Hand Chic : Tray Chic.

    I'm not sure if you have been following my posts on the FB about my love for trays and how I have promised our long lost Middle Aged Jeannie a tray as one of her three wishes for coming back to us. (I *think* I did that. Hmmm. Fish trauma and a late night have me hallucinating and mispelling.)

    ANYWAY, I know that the 2nd Hand Chic always has an AMAZING array of lovely trays that can be purchased for a more than reasonable price. I now know where a number of other lovely trays can be purloined (for possibly a jail sentence and a fine, with maybe some lawyers' fees tacked on). I think I'm covered if it turns out that I have to grant that "tray" wish to get Kitty to come back here.

    Thanks Second Hand Chic, and Thanks Donna!