Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Painting

Last night, after I closed the shop I decided to head over to Abode to check out their Black Friday sale. The friendly gals at Abode were offering half off any item in the store. Even though I was completely exhausted from our event at Second Hand Chic I just could not resist the lure of a half off sale. Well, I was not dissapointed. I found this sweet little vintage painting for a mere $15! I just adore amateur artwork. I like to picture the cute little 50's housewife working away on this piece. After a long day of caring for her family she puts the children to bed and sets up her paints. The love and devotion is apparent in every brush stroke. The innate need for self expression is a universal one. It is what makes us human.

Thank you, L. Thomas, whoever you are for putting paint to canvas and for giving the world a thing of beauty. And for making me smile at the end of the day.
Love, Kelly


  1. Hello Kelly, oooh that is so beautiful! Wouldn't it be wonderful if L Thomas or someone in her family saw this on your blog and came to visit you! I always love to think these magical things will happen... love to you! Bisous... Julie Marie

  2. I happened to be to be shopping last night at "Abode" when Kelly and John came in and I applauded their selections! Kelly, you got a gem of a painting. I love it! I hope that L. Thomas is still around, and that someone recognizes this sweet talent and lets you know about her life! And isn't it fun to shop at "Abode" and visit with our friends there!